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DERC Rohrinnenreiniger - RPC

For cleaning large ID (drill) pipes with (ultra) high pressure jets safe and easy.

DERC Pipe Cleaning System, for cleaning large ID (drill) pipes with (ultra) high pressure jets safe and easy. The DERC Salotech pipe cleaner is the tool for cleaning (drill) pipes with all kind of deposits.
Hard cement, drill mud or even NORM cleaning is possible with this tool.

Unique Features

  • Rugged modular design, easy to disassemble for transport
  • Rugged jack stands with wheels and jacks. Height adjustable
  • Available in various pressure ranges up to 3000 Bar (43K)
  • Rotation speed and feed independent adjustable
  • Configurable in length
  • Unique UHP lance construction with support casing
  • Rugged Guide blocks with 4 roller bearings
  • Configurable centralizers and nozzle carriers
Technical specification Pipe Cleaner            
Max. Working Pressure 1000 / 1500 / 3000 Bar 15/22/43K
Max. Flow Up to 400 Liter/min
Length Configurable
Jack stands Stainless Steel, Standard 2x pieces height adjustable complete with jacks and wheels. Longer length RPC needs more jack stands
Guide blocks Stainless Steel 4 roller bearings heavy duty
HP Lance Configurable
Control Panel Stainless steel, complete with oiler, filter, air hoses. Functions: Lance feed in/out, Rotation. Both speed regulated independently
Nozzles and Centralizers Configurable to the working pressure and pipe diameter

Are you looking for a solution for your confined space cleaning problem?

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DERC RPC klein


DERC RPC rotation unit

DERC RPC Rotation unit

UHP lance with casing

UHP lance with casing