Engineered solutions

Time constraints, a limited space, process requirements or safety issues. All these challenges for industrial cleaning objectives can mostly be answered with a specific tailor made solution by our engineering department. At DERC we consider those challenges to be a positive motivator. Customer demands or new industry regulations sparkle the technological creativity of our engineers. With innovative new solutions as a result. 

We have been the trusted advisor to many international customers: As an Original Equipment Manufacturer and Value Added Reseller of high pressure water jetting equipment, accessories and parts, we offer you complete and unique solutions for all industrial cleaning applications.
Some examples: 

Avoiding asbestos: Surface Tube Crawler with remote control

The Surface crawler with remote control unit is a custom made solution for a French contractor, who needed to clean an asbestos covered tube line of several hundred meters length, with a diameter of 260 cm. In order to minimize the contact with the asbestos a special Surface crawler was engineered and designed to efficiently clean the surface, whilst the operators in protective clothing could control the cleaning process from a safe distance.

On site-cleaner: Fixed 18 meter 3D Lancing Machine

For the new Borealis polyethylene plant in Schwechat, Austria, we designed and built an 18 meters high 3D Lancing Machine with four hydraulically driven rotating lances for cleaning heat exchangers, at 1400 bar working pressure, with the same height and more than 2000 pipes to clean.

Mobile Coil Cleaner

Conditions for operators to clean coils manually can be difficult if breathing protection equipment is necessary for safety reasons. How to improve this? DERC was requested by a Dutch industrial cleaning contractor to consult an international polyurethane specialist. This remote controlled coil cleaner was custom designed, to not only improve the working conditions and safety situation; it also lead to a radically higher production. 


If you are interested in an engineered solution for your specific challenge, please contact us here.

Mobile Coil Cleaner

Mobile Coil Cleaner

On site- Cleaner

On site-cleaner