Your cleaning performance is important to us. We offer world’s finest nozzles from leading manufacturers direct from stock and our own selection of excellent O.E.M. – custom made nozzles on demand. Our collection includes:

About the DERC Nozzle Range

The in house developed and manufactured DERC nozzle range is the effective solution for all your high pressure cleaning needs. Our designs improve your cleaning results, make your work easier and more effective. We introduced the DERC nozzle-range as the basis for all your water projects up to 3000 bar. Our models basically simplify your choice and are always configured based on your requirements and specifications, such as pressure, pump capacity, use as pulling / pushing or neutral, permissible reaction force and spray pattern.

You will witness no more oxidation, thanks to the used materials and heat treatment and enjoy a longer life cycle. At DERC Salotech we understand that you want the best material for your project, yet with good value for money.