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DERC Abrasive Cutting System

Most flexible cold cutting system in the industry

DERC Salotech designed and manufactured a complete line of abrasive water jetting cutting tools for industrial applications. The system is easy to use and flexible to adjust to the application. The so called "cold cutting" is the solution to all industrial tank and pipe cutting tasks. As a standard package DERC Salotech offers a starter kit with a magnetic Positioning Track, Air Powered Drive Head, Control Panel, Cutting Nozzle and an Abrasive Hopper.

Not every cut is the same

The DERC Standard Cutting Set is flexible and modular. Easily adaptable to your needs. Besides the standard set DERC Salotech offers customized solutions for special cutting issues such as: Manhole Cutters, Pipe Bands and Internal Cutters. You can use the DERC Abrasive Cutting System in combination with your existing high pressure installation.

Standard Cutting Set

The DERC Abrasive Cutting System is easy to use and flexible to adjust to the application. The DERC Positioning Track is made of flexible stainless steel and clamps on to flat surfaces and large diameters with magnets or vacuum technic. The standard length is 1.5 meter and is available in longer lengths. The DERC Air Powered Drive Head will be placed on the Positioning Track. The DERC Air Powered Drive Head drives the abrasive cutting head movement and is air powered. The cutting head is adjustable in height. The DERC Air Powered Drive Head comes with mounting bracket for parallel and perpendicular cutting.

DERC Solutions

The DERC Air Powered Drive Head moves the cutting nozzle across the surface, creating a cut at a constant rate of speed.

  • Works with both flex track and pipe band
  • Comes complete with mounting bracket for radial and perpendicular cutting
  • Height adjustment for the cutting head

The DERC Conical Hopper with metering system is equiped with wheels for easy transport and handling on the job site.

  • Stainless steel rugged construction
  • Plastic Hopper with cover (50 liter capacity)
  • Abrasive adjustment screw to set amount of abrasive flow
  • Air operated on/off valve, shutting off the complete flow
  • Vent valve to add extra air
  • Sight glass to control the flow of abrasive
  • Adjustable viberator speed to assure a constant flow of abrasive

DERC Salotech provides several high pressure DERC Cutting Nozzles.

  • Stainless steel 
  • Model 965 M10 high pressure nozzle
  • TC cone nozzle
  • TC slurry nozzle
  • Max. working pressure 3000 bar/ 43K

DERC Small Radius Cutter is the radius cutter for every chamfer.

  • Diameters from DN50-DN450
  • Adjustable feet/magnets for easy mounting
  • Center point for easy setting up
  • Cutting head adjustable in all directions
  • Air or hydraulic drive

DERC Salotech offers a range of manhole cutters and customized tools to encounter your cutting issue.

  • Manhole cutter from DN450-600
  • Own engineering department to design your customized tool

When space or other restrictions prevent cutting from the outside, The DERC Internal Pipe Cutter is the solution to make it possible to cut the pipe from the inside.

  • Custom designed and manufactured

For pipe cutting applications we supply different pipe bands. The pipe bands clamp around the pipe, available in 2" increments.

  • Available in most sizes
  • Air Powered Drive Head adapts directly to the pipe band

The DERC Control Panel helps you control the fuctions, comes complete with air hoses.

  • Power head left / right and speed
  • Abrasive feed rate / stop
  • Operator safety, due to distance

The DERC Flextrack Magnetic is a flexible stainless steel track for DERC Air Powered Drive Head

  • Comes complete with magnets
  • Works on straight and large diameters
  • Can be coupled for cutting longer lengths
  • Standard length is 1.5 m

The DERC Air Preparation Set  adapts to the DERC Abrasive Control Panel to ensure clean and lubricated air for an optimal performance.

  • Air filter and oiler
  • Water seperator
  • Stainless steel construction

Custom Made

Do you have a cutting challenge, contact us. Our engineering departement designs a suitable cutting solution according to your wishes.


Like to know more about the DERC Abrasive Cutting System?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84.

Abrasive Cutting on location

Abrasive Cutting System

Pipe Bands

DERC air powered Drive Head

Abrasive Hopper

DERC Conical Hopper
with metering system

Abbrasive Cutting nozzle

DERC Cutting Nozzle

DERC Small Radius Cutter

DERC Small Radius Cutter

Manhole Cutter

DERC Manhole Cutter

Internal pipe cutter

DERC Internal Pipe Cutter