Multi-Mode Tumble Box

Air-operated flow control valve

The Multi-Mode Tumble Box is designed to permit the use of the multiple guns and/or lances with a single pump. Working with a Vulcan Stripper, for example, requires the Multi-Mode Tumble box.

The Tumble Box can be used in three different ways.

Pressurized dump mode (multi-gun operation)

In this arrangement the Multi-Mode Tumble Box dumps the unused flow from the pump, when the gun is not being operated.

Dry Shut-Off mode

This is primarily intended for use with an intensifier pump and assumes that the pressurized system has a flow compensation device, which will discharge or control the excess flow when a gun or lance is shut off. 

Low pressure dump mode (single gun operation)

This is for use with a plunger pump, when only one lance or gun will be used at any time. Actuating the trigger on the gun or lance closes the dump and restores pressure throughout the system.

Multi-Mode Tumble Box is ideal for

  • The Vulcan Stripper
  • Dry Shut operation
  • Single Dump; one gun operation
  • Multi-Gun operation

Multi-Mode Tumble Box features

  • Easy field maintenance, "60 seconds" cartridge overhaul
  • Corrosion resistant                                     
Specifications Muti-Mode Tumble Box
Model Dry Shut operation 3177240
Model Single Dump; one gun operation  3177235
Model Multi-Gun operation 3177230
Max. wp. 2750 bar
Max. flow 26 l/min 
Weight 26 kg

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