USFG 1400 bar

Dry Shut Foot Control

The Dry Shut Foot Control is special designed and constructed for carrying out high pressure cleaning activities manually.

The Dry Shut Foot Control has no dump valve. This type of Foot Control is used when remote dumping is required, to keep discharge water in the blasting area to a minimum. The high pressure system requires the use of an unloader valve, so the Dry Shut Foot Control can never be unwanted pressurized.

Dry Shut Foot Control ideal for

  • Applications where remote dumping is required
  • Manual high pressure cleaning activities
  • Flex lancing 


  • Fully enclosed safety guard
  • Increased foot pedal area
  • Easy field maintenance, "60 seconds" cartridge overhaul
  • Corrosion resistant
Model 77700590
Max. wp. 1400 bar
Max. flow 130 l/min
Inlet connection 9/16" MP 
Weight 13,5 kg


The Dry Shut Foot Control can optionally be supplied with electric controls.

Like to know more about the Dry Shut Foot Control?

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Dry Shut Foot Control

Dry Shut Foot Control

Easy cartridge

Easy cartridge overhaul