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DERC DUHP-nozzle

For lancing machines till 3000 bar/ 43K

The DERC Ultra High Pressure (DUHP-nozzle) is specially designed for the cleaning of heat exchangers with lances, up to a maximum pressure of 3000 bar/ 43K. The nozzle is protected against mechanical damage because the nozzle-holes are drilled in a groove of the nozzle-body. The innovative design gives the DUHP-nozzle an optimal flow, better results and a longer life cycle. The DUHP-nozzle is available in four different diameters. The nozzle-body is corrosion resistant, hardened and guarantees a long life cycle.The nozzle will be configured and drilled for the job or according to customer specifications.

According to your wishes with a short delivery time

The DUHP-nozzle is a stock item with a short delivery time and an attractive price level. The nozzle will be optimally configured for your working conditions. Based on your requirements and specifications (such as pressure, pump capacity, use as pulling/pushing or neutral, connection, thread, permissible reaction force and spray pattern) we can advise you on the optimal configuration.

Max. 3000 bar/ 43K
Length  Diameter Part number
M7x1 RH
32 mm
Ø 10 mm
M10x1 RH Male
40 mm
Ø 14 mm

Max. 2500 bar/ 36K
Part number
22 mm
 Ø 6.3 mm
27 mm  Ø 6.3 mm

About the standard DERC-nozzle range

The DUHP-nozzle is one of the standard DERC nozzle range, an O.E.M. product from DERC Waterjetting. This line is designed with sustainable quality: a wide choice of configurations per nozzle, high efficiency, long life cycle due to design an used materials and good value for money. Check out the other nozzles from this range.


Like to know more about the DUHP-nozzle?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84.

DERC DUHP nozzle


DUHP nozzle configuration

Possible nozzle-configuration