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DERC Speed Regulated Line Cleaner - SLC

The most versatile speed regulated line cleaner

The SLC by DERC Salotech is an unique speed regulated pipe cleaning tool. The speed can easily be manually adjusted to the required cleaning job. Slow speeds for plugged pipes with hard residues, and fast speeds for polishing the inner walls of the pipes.

To suit the requirements of every cleaning job the SLC has a variety of head choices available to which you can connect a pulling ring, customized ports and have multiple jetting options. The SLC heads are based on pressure, flow and type of cleaning work. Certain head options require extension nipples. See our extension arms for the possibilities.

The DERC Salotech centralizers allow the SLC to work seamlessly with our in-house manufatured high-pressure extension arms, placing the effective water jets closer to the wall of the pipe. In addition, the jetting configurations can easily be optimized with our in-house manufactured high quality DERC Salotech inserts to provide either more pulling power or more unplugging power.

Selection SLC
Max. working pressure  1000 bar  1500 bar
Inlet connection 3/4" NPT F M24 x 1.5 F flat
3/4" - 14 NPS F
Shaft connection 3/4" NPT M M24 x 1.5 M flat
Diameter 75 mm 75 mm
Length 155 mm 175 mm
Max. flow 380 l/min 380 l/min
Part nr SLC-100-34NF.34NM   SLC-1500-24MV.24FV

Extention Lances
Model SLC-1000 Total width 90 gr Total width 45 gr
SLC-56-EXT-050       190 146
SLC-56-EXT-075 240 181
SLC-56-EXT-100 290 217
SLC-56-EXT-150 390 287
SLC-56-EXT-200 490 358
SLC-56-EXT-250 590 428
SLC-56-EXT-300 690 499
SLC-56-EXT-350  790 569
SLC-56-EXT-400 890 640
Model SLC-1500     
SLC-66-EXT-050    182
SLC-66-EXT-075    232   175 
SLC-66-EXT-100    282
SLC-66-EXT-150    382 
SLC-66-EXT-200    482   351 
SLC-66-EXT-250    582  422 
SLC-66-EXT-300    682  492 
SLC-66-EXT-350    782  563 

Like to know more about the DERC SLC?

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DERC SLC Pulling Ring

DERC SLC Pulling Ring


DERC SLC with 7 port head

DERC SLC Extending Lances

DERC SLC 6 port head with extention lances