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DERC Hose Whip Checks

Advanced safety for hose connections

This new model DERC Hose Whip Check is made by an unique patented design. The Hose Whip Checks are required as safety measure to avoid injury in case of hose or coupling failure. The Hose Whip Check is an advanced and innovative version. Improved, safer and stronger designed for the (high) pressure hydraulic and water jetting market.


  • Steel internal wire covered with Kevlar and Polyester
  • Loop design, it pulls tighter and tighter
  • Suitable for small and bigger hose diameters
  • Soft on the hands, no wires
DERC Hose Whip Checks  
Part number Description  Breaking Load
WR 1 Whip Check 3 mm Model A  
WR 2 Whip Check 6 mm Model B1/2”  
WR 3  Whip Check 24” Red Dog   
GS4-950 Whip Check 4 mm with Kevlar and Polyester  1120 kg
GS6-1000 Whip Check 6 mm with Kevlar and Polyester  2600 kg

Other dimensions are available on request.


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