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Brushed Auger is the best tool in order to remove gravel from the roofs in a safe way.

Brushed Auger is  for cleaning the roofs of those buildings which have an insulating gravel layer.Pebbles are often used on the roofs in order to protect from intense weather events and UV rays. The maintenance of this kind of covering it’s a long and hard work: operators are forced to sustain a suction hose for hours or move the gravel using shovels.

Brushed Auger permits to safeguard humans’ health and, at the same time, removes gravels safely and in a short time without damaging the material between the roof and the gravel.

How does it work?

This tool, combined together with Gerotto’s Lombrico S or XXS, is composed by three brushes: the two frontal brushes and a third one on the nether side. The first two rotate in the opposite ways, so the pebbles are pushed toward the suction tube. The third brush is designed to push the gravel back to the suction tube ensuring the efficiency of the operation.

Like to know more about the Brushed Auger or cleaning roofs?

For more information contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84

Gerotto Brushed Auger

Gerotto Brushed Auger

Gerotto Brushed Auger

Gerotto Brushed Auger