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Gerotto Mini Excavator Lombrico

The innovative solution for cleaning

The Gerotto Mini Excavator, are hydraulically driven minirobots for cleaning operations combined with vacuum trucks, suction excavators and industrial aspirators, dust aspirators. The Lombrico replaces manual labour in all those situations where workers are exposed to risks like chemical exhalations, confined spaces, explosions, etc.

The excavator can be operated from a safe distance, optional with assistance of cameras and lights to better operate in dark and narrow places. Every suction from Ø 100 mm till Ø 250 mm can equipped to the Lombrico S, on the XXS-version fits a suction hose of Ø 150 mm. The Lombrico XXS and S are fully made of stainless steel, inclusive of all fittings and couplings. Every model can be equipped with a large number of accessories and adapted to every condition of the work environment and of the material to remove.

Unique features

  • Accurate and precise interventions
  • Optional video inspection system
  • Optional battery driven 
  • Controlling from a safe distance
  • Easy to set up
  • Ergonomic control, removes the operator outside of the "line of fire"
  • Higher productivity over time and safety
  • Suitable for working in confined spaces
  • Two hydraulic driven rubber tracks
  • Hydraulic driven control panel
  • Various tools available
  • Great reduction of costs for cleaning operations
  • Reduction of shut-down time
  • Reduction of manpower

Suitable to work with

  • Vacuum Truck
  • Suction Excavators
  • Industrial Aspirators
  • Dust Aspirators
  • Vacuum Cleaners

Application field

  • Under Conveyor cleaning operations
  • Mining industry
  • Confined spaces activities

Suitable for sucking sedimented material from

  • Ducts/Collector/Tunnel
  • Large and small tanks
  • Mines
  • Under Conveyor Belts

Specifications Lombrico S
Suction hose - from to  100 mm - 250 mm (Ø 4"- 10)
Manhole Ø 600 mm (Ø 24")
Dimensions (lxhxw) 1650 mm x 490 mm x 500 mm (65"x 19,3"x 20")
Weight 270 kg              

Specifications Lombrico XXS
Suction hose Ø 150 mm (6")
Manhole Ø 450 mm (18")
Dimensions (lxhxw) 980 mm x 330 mm x 400 mm
Weight 80 kg 


Like to know more about the Lombrico S and XXS?

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