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DERC Blast Container

The mobile solution for safe and closed tube bundle cleaning

The DERC Blast Container is a (semi) automatic solution for high pressure waterjetting of tube bundles. The Blast Container is a bundle blaster which is easy adaptable to a standard container. The Blast Container is able to clean both the inside and the outside of the tube bundles or other parts.

Internal and external cleaning

The system of the Blast Container is a very simple moving cleaning portal which makes it possible to clean the tube bundles externally and as well both the tube sheets. For internal cleaning there is an adapter plate to connect your flex lance machine, so both internal and external cleaning can be done. The delivered Blast Container is suitable for tube bundles with a diameter of 450-1600 mm and a length of 6000 mm. 

Bundle rollers

The DERC Blast Container comes with pneumatic driven tube bundel rollers with a maximum capacity of 25 ton. 


  • Safe jetting, the operator controls at a safe distance
  • Both internal and external cleaning
  • Adapter plate for dual flex lance machine for internal cleaning
  • 4-Jet Manifold with high speed cleaning nozzles
  • Other jet manifolds available
  • Mobile, easy to transport
  • Full pneumatic bundle Rollers
  • Full pneumatic or electric pneumatic controls
  • Adaptable to any standard container
  • Emission free

Technical details
Tube bundle range 450-1600 mm
Max. tube bundle length 6000 mm
Max. working pressure 1000 bar
Max. flow 200 liter/min
Swivel RCS-200
Manifold 4-Jet high speed 226
Drive Air powered 
Bundle rollers Air powered max. 24 ton 
Control Air or electric pneumatic 

Note: Technical Specifications like dimension, drive, flow and pressure can be changed to customers demands.

Max. working pressure 
1500 bar
Max. flow 300 l/min
Weight 150 kg


Max. working pressure 
1500 bar
Max. flow 300 l/min
Weight 150 kg


3D- Picture DERC Blast Container

Experience the DERC Blascontainer in 3D. Hold your left mouse button and move over the photo below left, right, above and below, and look around in the DERC Blast Container. Click on the icon right of the photo and you will see the photo full screen.



Are you looking for an innovative solution for your cleaning problem?

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DERC Blast Container

Blast Container

Blast Container-1

Closed tube bundle cleaning

Blast Container

Control at a safe distance