Thermoplastic high pressure hoses

For the oil and gas industry we supply a complete product line high pressure thermoplastic hose with working pressure from 345 bar up to 3200 bar and sizes up to 1” ID from our strategic partner SPIR STAR®. The hoses for the offshore industry have been used confidently in projects from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico. Besides providing excellent high-pressure performance, the steel-reinforced thermoplastic hoses are extremely lightweight, have the lowest volumetric expansion of any hose, and can withstand the external pressure of deepwater that is unmatched in the hose industry.

Currently, SPIR STAR is the only company that manufactures hoses with PVDF inner liner and outer cover, a material that is setting the standard for the chemical and temperature resistance. From this material the HT® serie is made. The HT (High Temperature) series with an inner core and outer cover made of PVDF are rated at 150° Celsius with working pressure up to 1000 bar.

This serie are capable of working with the harshest of chemicals, provide a low permeation rate and can withstand external pressure up to 600 bar which mimic depths of 6000 m. The five current ID. sizes available are 3/16” up to 1”. Custom continuous lengths up to 4500 m can be manufactured for subsea umbilical´s depending on the hose type.

SPIR STAR is ISO 9001 certified and also can provide test certification on our hoses for any standard this is required.

SPIR STAR hoses ideal for

  • Offshore hose bundles
  • Methanol service on oil rigs
  • Chemical injection
  • Control of hydraulic components

SPIR STAR hose features

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Heat resistant up to 150 °C
  • Low permeation rate
  • High resistance to external pressure
  • Small bend radii at maximum flow volumes
  • Low volumetric expansion at maximum working pressure
  • Lengths up to 4500 m

HT-series, the solution for high-temperatures

The HT-series was especially developed for high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) requirements of the offshore industry. The inner core of these hose types is made of PVDF, a material setting the standard regarding the resistance to heat and chemicals world-wide. This inner core is spiralized with several layers of high-tensile steel wire. The outer cover is also made of PVDF. Through the unique combination of materials these hose types are especially suited for control and workover umbilicals at hot well operations. The permeation rate of PVDF is extremely low compared to standard materials.

All hose types of this series are heat resistant up to 150 °C and suited for very high working pressures. Upon request the hoses can be delivered in very long lengths for offshore umbilicals.

HT-series features

  • Inner core and outer cover made of heat resistant PVDF
  • Up to 4 layers of high-tensile steel wire
  • Temperature resistant up to 150 °C
  • The best permeation rate
  • Suitable for most aggressive chemicals
  • Working pressure up to 1000 bar with full safety factor of 4:1

HT-series (heat-resisting up to 150 ºC)
Hose ID (mm) Hose OD (mm) Pressure rating (bar) Bend radius (mm) Part number
5,0  11,2  1285  250  5/4HT 
6,3 12,2  915 150  6/2WHT
12,6  1085 280  6/4HT
14,5  745  250  8/2WHT
8,0  14,6  1085  300  8/4HT 
9,9 18,4  1085  300 10/4HT
12,8 22,0  1040  300  13/4HHT 

Like to know more about the HT-serie hoses?

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