Check valves

1000 - 1400 - 4100 bar

Available in a variety of body styles, the valves are suitable for manual operation in temperature ranging from -73 °C to 315 °C. Check valves are available in various tubing sizes to satisfy different requirements.

Soft check valves 

Soft check valves are designed for liquid and gas flow control in chemical, industrial and oil and gas fields. 

Ball check valves 

All ball check valves have a long endurance and may also be employed with high temperatures.

Check valve specifications

  • Pressures 1000, 1400 and 4100 bar
  • Connections from 1/4” NPT to 9/16” HP 

Check valves features

  • Non rotating stem prevents galling and scoring
  • Stem sleeve and packing gland materials have been selected to achieve extended thread cycles and reduced handle torque
  • Standard materials of construction include 316 L cold-worked stainless steel and glass-filled PTFE
  • Standard O-ring material NBR 90 Sh A
Check valve 1000 bar S15 (NPT)
Connection Part number
1/4" NPT F CV-NF4-SS
3/8" NPT F
1/2" NPT F

Check valve 1400 bar S20 (MP)
Connection Part number
1/4" MP F CV-MF4-SS
3/8" MP F
9/16" MP F

Check valve 4100 bar S60 (HP)
Connection Part number
1/4" HP F CV-HF4-SS
3/8" HP F
9/16" HP F

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Soft Check Valve

Soft check valve