DERC Interne Extruder Reiniger

De innovatieve oplossing voor het mechanisch reinigen van extruder barrels

De DERC Interne Extruder Reiniger is een geautomatiseerd rigid lance systeem, ontworpen om de binnenzijde van twin-screw-extruders met Ultra Hoge Druk te reinigen. The Internal Extruder Cleaner has adjustable speed and stroke controls to optimize the blast settings, depending on the deposit. The protective tube keeps the lance centred, avoiding the metal touching the interior of the twin-screw-extruders.

The operator can monitor the cleaning process from a safe distance by using the control panel. The Internal Extruder Cleaner can be made suitable for any specific length and diameter.

Unique features 

  • Replaces manual cleaning with safe and consistent mechanical cleaning
  • Affordable modular design
  • Can be adapted to a variety of pressures and flows for the highest level of cleaning efficiency
  • Can be customized to your specific extruder
  • The rigid rotating lance allows all power or flow to be concentrated on cleaning
  • A heavy-duty carriage, adjustable in height
  • Rugged pipe vice attachment helps stabilize pipe movement
  • Complete package includes adjustable jack stands,rigid lances, and cleaning heads

Like to know more about the internal extruder cleaning system?

For more information contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84 or

Internal Extruder Cleaner

Internal Extruder Cleaner

IEC front

Internal Extruder Cleaner