Tank Cleaning Heads (till 500 bar)

Water, pneumatic or electric driven tank cleaning machines

For cleaning all kind of tanks and other applications with high pressure water jets DERC Salotech offers a complete range of rotating washing tools and 3-D (360°) tank cleaning heads. With working pressures up to 500 bar and flows up to 200 l/min.


  • Tank Cleaning
  • IBC Cleaning
  • Railway Car Cleaning
  • Mixer Tanks Cleaning
  • Silo Cleaning
  • Barrel and Drum Cleaning
  • Wheel washing

The tank cleaning heads are available as a water driven tool or with an external drive like pneumatic or electric engine. Various models with a variety of dimensions make these suitable for many applications where for example a small entry space is required.

Like to know more about the Tank Cleaning Heads?

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DERC-3D water driven tank cleaning

3-D water driven tank cleaning head

Electric powered tank cleaning head

Pneumatic powered tank cleaning head

180 Sector cleaning head

180º sector cleaning head

Pneumatic Powered Tank Cleaning Head

Pneumatic powered tank cleaning head

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