DERC Salotech at StocExpo 2020

For those who do not or cannot visit the StocExpo due to the Coronavirus, we would like to give an impression of DERC Salotech's new developments and innovations that we are exhibiting at the StocExpo. ‘Innovation as core’ is our motto, that’s why we introduce new and improved semi-automatic driven robots for industrial cleaning.

The Gerotto Atex zone 0 robot is capable of cleaning large storage tanks filled with all kind of material, sticky or liquid. Through the improved magnetic tracks, camera system and many other innovations, the operator can steer the robot easily from his desk chair and after the job is done, the result can be shown through the recorded videos. No men inside the tank, less employees needed and a better production causes more profit and safer work.

For cleaning lagoons, cooling towers, basins, cisterns for water collection etc. we now have our new hydraulic driven submarine robot which can work on a depth up to 30 meters. This robot can be supplied in two versions which both are equipped with a centrifugal pump and a frontal rotating brushing kit for cleaning the bottoms without removing the material.

Cleaning tank walls don’t have to be sandblasted anymore by using our MagTrack which has the latest technologies. Cleaning with a large doom, so the wheels always drive on a clean surface or cleaning with a rotating arm both possible on 1 robot. The four wheels each have a separate engine which creates a workload of 300kg. Again safer and faster work.

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