Expaning SPC range with 3000 Bar model SPC-UH

DERC Salotech has expanded the range of Speed Regulated Pipe Cleaners (SPC) with an ultra-high pressure model SPC-UH up to 3000 Bar/ 43K. Perfect for cleaning pipes/lines with bends. Like the complete SPC range the speed is easy to adjust without changing the oil. Manually, with the supplied spanner, set the right speed to meet your requirement. Available with 2 inlet connections, also leader hoses available to keep the complete assembly short and easy to run around the bends.

Modulair Design

The  SPC-UH is designed in a modular way. The ultra high pressure swivel with the adjustable brake and the nozzle head are modular and easy to separate in two parts. The design enables SPC-UH swivel assemblies with different nozzle heads (R size) to suit your high pressure pump capacity.

Like to know more about the DERC SPC-UH?

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