Introduction new logo

DERC Salotech is in the industrial water jetting market since 30 years and known as a supplier and manufacturer of high pressure water jetting accessories and automated solutions.  Over all these years we have developed more and more efficient tools and (custom made) automated solutions to make the industry safer and more efficient. We encouraged and pushed  this change from manual to automated in our industry. Also in regards to regulations DERC Salotech has been a WJTA/ SIR member of the first hour contributing in several committees to achieve a safer industry.

Due to this automation in our industry we had the feeling that our logo needed an update as well. For many years we used the logo with the image of the man holding a water blasting gun in the 4 blocks being an absolute recognizable feature of DERC Salotech. However from the first of May DERC Salotech has a new logo, in a modern style “ready for an automated future”. All other contact details remain the same.