Training and instruction programs in any European language

High pressure water jetting is potentially dangerous. We offer a professional training program with over 20 different safety and quality instruction courses. These comply with the highest industry standards and are officially certified by the Dutch Industrial Cleaning and Safety Association (SIR). Being the first school in Europe with official certified training programs, we have instructed and examined thousands of operators. Our programs and documentation are available in many European languages.

Theoretical basis

The programs are carefully developed based upon 40 years of combined international expertise. We systematically provide students the theoretical fundaments regarding the equipment, the materials, the potential dangers and the obliged safety protocols. We use hands on material, visuals and video’s to teach and practice the theoretical examinations collectively or individually. We are well known for the fact that our expert teachers are capable to adjust their teachings to the educational level of the students.

Every official DERC course comes with an extended reader, lectures with personal and/or collective teachers and a theoretical trial exam. Integrated in every program is the practical exercise. Keeping the number of students in a group limited ensures personal attention and the best transfer of knowledge.

Practice facilities

Next to the theoretical education, we provide ‘hands on’ exercises in our head quarters’ out door practice facility. Here students learn to work safely, according to protocol with equipment and pressures up to 2800 bar. Included in our certified program is the High Pressure Vacuum training, related to industrial cleaning. Our educational program is also available via our ‘Train the trainer’ concept to partners all over the world. We provide all the documentation and official examination procedures, including a container as practice facility. Just call us.

DERC Advies-adembescherming

Respiratory Protection

DERC Advies-Druk Vacuüm

Pressure vacuum


High Pressure

Chemisch Technische omgeving-DERC-Advies