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The WIRELESSWAVE® Control System

 The Wireless Wave Control System

Easy as Bluetooth, perfectly safe

Our WIRELESSWAVE Control System (WWCS) offers innovations that benefits contractor, operators and customers alike. The innovative system nog only introduces wireless technology for controlling your high pressure water jetting unit, it also comes with safety features and ergonomic designs. The WIRELESSWAVE Control System has been awarded with the Innovation Award by the independent Dutch Safety and Industrial Cleaning Institute (SIR).

The WWCS combines the introduction of wireless technology for controlling your high pressure water jetting unit with brand new ergonomic designs and safety features for the operators equipment.'

Your WIRELESSWAVE Control System basically replaces traditional signal cables with a wireless connection, up to a distance of 500 meters. Setting up this wireless connection is as easy and simple as Bluetooth. The WIRELESSWAVE Control System saves contractors money, time and enery. Contractors will perform 15% more cost-efficient with WWCS. It improves safety conditions and enhances the productivity of operators.

Improve your safety and productivity
The WWCS complies with all relevant industry and safety directives, such as ATEX/EMC. The systems comes with an innovative ergonomic design of the modular equipment, and includes brand new safety features, such as the Trigger Lock. Working with the WWCS improves your safety and productivity. It enhances performance levels, saves setting up time and prevents irritating down time due to broken signal cables. The WWCS will make you operation look better; and not only because of an increased return on investment.


The heart of the WWCS is the central WIRELESSWAVE Pump Control. This control system is installed on your high pressure water unit. In combination with the WIRELESSWAVE Master Control makes this your basic set to control your pump wireless. The WIRELESSWAVE Pump Control and the WIRELESSWAVE Master Control enables you to connect extra modules and neutralize the working pressure immediately with the remote Emergency Stop button.

WIRELESSWAVE® Master Control

Experiencing this new freedom, flexibility and time saver is possible by installing a WIRELESSWAVE Master Control on your high pressure unit. It will then be able to receive wireless operating signals (pressure up or down) from the WIRELESSWAVE -Gun or Foot Control. Every operating signal first passes the WIRELESSWAVE Master Control of the assisting machine operator. This WIRELESSWAVE Master Control is equipped with a remote Emergency Stop button (pressure total down), a digital dashboard (including working pressure and engine speed) and a multi-language menu.


The light weight WIRELESSWAVE Gun is suprisingly safe and easy to handle. Its ergonomic design offers brand new manoeuvrability options, including rotating the handle 360 degrees and the choice to activate the trigger vertical or horizontal. Safety features include a trigger lock and a minimization of vibration.


The WIRELESSWAVE Foot Control has no water hose attached and the trigger lock makes every operation safer. This WIRELESSWAVE Foot Control is connected with the WIRELESSWAVE Master Control and activates the pressure. Used for cleaning tubes, pipes and heat exchanger with hoses.


This unique gun is the first in the market that handles high flows and can be used safely for cleaning/hosing down the working area for instance. It prevents the traditional high risk situations of carrying hoses over the shoulders. The gun has the same handle as the WIRELESSWAVE Gun. The safe method to use very high flows.

Improve your safety standards, operate 15% more cost-efficient and provide more comfort to your operators with WWCS

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