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Comfort – benefits

Comfort – benefits

Provide your operators with more comfort

High pressure water jetting can be a physical demanding job. The Wireless Wave Control System makes the manual work lighter, easier and more comfortable for the operators. Once used to the comfort of the innovative WWCS, it will be hard to go ‘traditional’ again.

Operators will welcome the fact that they can skip the carrying and rolling out of signal cables on location. The setting up of the Wireless Wave Control System on location is as easy as pairing with Bluetooth. Operators also enjoy the comfort and ergonomic design features of the Wireless Wave Constrol System-modules.

Easier: the Wireless Wave Gun
The Wireless Wave Gun is light weight. Comfort features include the lance protector for a better grip and handling, the minimized hand-arm vibration, the 360 degrees maneuverable handle, the adjustable shoulder stock and the new Ergo-trigger: a trigger that can be operated both horizontally and vertically. Cleaning demands less energy with the Wireless Wave Gun. Cleaning hard to reach spots is much easier.  

Like power steering and ABS
‘The difference between using a traditional heavy weighing jetting gun and the new Wireless Wave Gun is like the difference between steering a classic car from 1970 and a modern car with power steering’, is the market response. ‘The difference between using a traditional wired or fixed Emergency Stop Button and the wireless one of the Wireless Wave Master Control, is the difference between breaking in a classic car on a wet road, or breaking in a modern car, with ABS.’

Provide more comfort to your operators, improve your safety standards and operate 15% more cost-efficient.

Video of WWCS Advantages
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