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Economic – benefits

Economic – benefits

Operate 15% more cost-efficient

The combined economic benefits of using WWCS are crystal clear: you will operate at least 15 % more cost-efficient. It will save you investing money in signal cables and save several hours of operational time: every day again.

Indeed. Those hours and hours of unproductive ‘down time’ caused by non-functioning signal cables are over. And there is no longer the need to transport, roll out (or collect) dozens of meters of these heavy weight cables before or after every cleaning job. This will save you on average at least several man hours pro day. On top: the necessary repair costs of ‘broken’ signal cables will belong to the past. Together with th eimproved productivity, this all will result in at least a 15% improvement regarding your cost-efficiency.

Improves productivity
Another economic reward is the increased productivity of the operators. Thanks to the significantly reduced setting up and breaking down times with the Wireless Wave Control System, there will be actually extra time to clean. Furthermore: your operators will be able to perform better and longer, when using the light weight, handy to manoeuvre and more comfortable Wireless Wave Gun.

Improved safety always pays off
By using the Wireless Wave Control System you will instantly improve your safety standards. A much appreciated fact that will appeal the HSEQ-departments of existing clients and prospects. The price to pay for injuries and accidents is always too high. State of the art systems and equipment that lower the risk of accidents and/or injuries will pay off; reputation wise and/or financially.

Operate 15% more cost-efficient, improve your safety standards and provide more comfort to your operators with WWCS.

Video of WWCS Advantages
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