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Proven wireless and reliable technology

Proven wireless and reliable technology

Proven wireless and reliable technology 

The proven and reliable wireless technology of WWCS is based on the highest standards in the industry and approved for ‘Zone 2’- locations. The Wireless Wave Control System (WWCS) replaces traditional signal cables with a wireless wave protocol.

The Wireless Wave protocol is based upon the international IEEE standard 802.15.4. On top of this standard we developed an extra specific WWCS-protocol to meet strict safety requirements of the industrial cleaning world.

Industrial approved and safe
The standard 802.15.4 is extremely suitable for use in industrial environments, and is also used for e.g. the WirelessHART protocol for wireless sensors in the process industry. Industry leaders such as ABB, Endress+Hauser en Siemens have also chosen for IEEE 802.15.4 for wireless communications in heavy-industrial environments.

 + 2.4 GHz + Channel swapping
 + Pairing
 + Full duplex
 + IEEE 802.15.4 LR-WPAN
 + Industrial approved

Multi use of WWCS
The Wireless Wave protocol is approved for ‘Zone 2’ environments. The frequency and protocol will not interfere with industrial processes or vice versa. It is possible to operate with several Wireless Wave Control Systems at the same time on one location. Up to 12 WWCS- modules can work next to one another. The units of the WWCS continuously evaluate the quality of the connections and search for ‘free radio frequencies’ at the specific location. The constant bi-directional communication guarantees a perfect connection between the modules of every separate Wireless Wave Control System.

Video of WWCS Advantages
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