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Safety – benefits

Safety – benefits

Improve your safety standards

Wireless Wave Control System offers the world’s safest control system and products for high pressure water jetting operators. Brand new safety features such as the innovative Trigger Lock will prevent future accidents. Anti-vibrational design features of the Wireless Wave Gun limit potential injuries, including White Finger Syndrome.

Safety first is the credo. The products of the Wireless Wave Control System will improve your safety standards with innovative safety features”

+ Trigger Locks; prevents accidents by ‘not intended’ jetting
+ Anti-vibrational design: prevents fatigue & White Finger Syndrome
+ Lance protector: protects against hot lance (if hot water jetting)
+ Remote Emergency Stop Button: for close contact / fast response
+ Wireless Hose Control: ends dangerous hosing situations

New: Trigger Lock
The iinovative electronic Trigger Lock will prevent an operator from jetting by accident, and as such prevent the possibility of injuring himself or others. The trigger has to be consciously pushed in a certain Morse code in order to start the water jetting intentionally: the engine of the high pressure water jetting unit will simply not respond without having received this wireless Morse code signal.

Anti-Vibration design & more
The hand-arm vibration level of the innovative Wireless Wave gun is factor 4 less compared to the best available traditional gun in the market. It’s simply the safest gun around and your best option to prevent injuries, including White Finger Syndrome.
The Lance protector on the Wireless Wave Gun prevents contact with the hot lance (in case of hot water jetting). It also enhances the operators’ manual grip of the lance. The Wireless Wave Hose Control ends dangerous hosing situations. The Remote Emergency Stop Button on the Wireless Wave Master Control ensures
a fast(er) response in (potentially) dangerous situations.

Improve your safety standards, operate 15% more cost-efficient and provide more comfort to your operators with WWCS
Video of WWCS Advantages
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