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Wireless Wave Foot Control

Foot control

For cleaning heat exchangers, tubes and pipes

The Wireless Wave Foot Control has no water hose attached and the Trigger lock makes every operation safer. This Wireless Wave Foot Control activates the working pressure up or down and is used for cleaning tubes, pipes and heat exchanger with hoses.

Safer and wireless at work
The Wireless Wave Foot Control is connected with the Wireless Wave Master Control. The grand difference with the traditional foot guns is the fact that no water hose has to be connected and an innovative safety feauture: the electronic Trigger Lock. The Wireless wave Foot Control improves the operators’ flexibility to choose a position and the safety conditions.

+ Wireless control
+ No water hose attached
+ Trigger Lock
+ Weight: 3,5 kg
+ White LED indication connection status
+ Red LED indication battery status
+ No traditional water hose connection
+ Easy to carry and transport

+ Trigger Lock
This safety feature will prevent an operator from jetting by accident, and as such prevent the possibility of injuring himself or others. The foot pedal has to be consciously pushed in a certain Morse code in order to start the water jetting intentionally: the engine of the high pressure water jetting unit will not respond without having received this wireless Morse code signal.

Video of WWCS Advantages
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