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Wireless Wave Gun

Wireless Wave Gun

Safest water jetting gun in the world (WWG)

The light weight Wireless Wave Gun is surprisingly easy to handle. Its ergonomic design offers brand new manoeuvrability options, including rotating the handle 360 degrees and the choice to active the trigger vertical or horizontal. New safety features include the Trigger lock and the minimization of vibration.

‘The difference between using a traditional jetting gun and the new Wireless Wave Gun is like comparing  driving a classic car from 1968 and a modern car with power steering.’ The Wireless Wave Gun is officially the safest and easiest gun to work with on the market.

+ Wireless control
+ 1500 or 3000 bar
+ Light weight (3,5 kg)
+ Ergonomic design
+ Adjustable shoulder stock
+ 360 degrees handle rotation
+ Ergo-trigger: for easy horizontal/vertical handling
+ Trigger lock: to prevent ‘not intended’ jetting
+ Anti-vibrational design: prevents fatigue & White Finger Syndrome
+ Lance protector: prevents touching hot lance (if hot water jetting)
+ Better flow, better results
+ Connector: M14x1,5 or 9/16 UNF
+ White LED indication connection status
+ Red LED indication battery status
+ Choice of various Nozzle holder
+ Connection for traditional signal cable

+ Wireless connection
The Wireless Wave Gun needs to log in (connect) with the WWCS. The WWCS-Pump Control installed on the high pressure unit receives wireless operating signals (pressure up/pressure down) from the jetting operators’ Wireless Wave Gun, always via the machine operators’ Wireless Wave Master Control. The in built LED’s will signal the status of the connection and of the battery. Full battery ensures minimal 12 hours of operation.

+ Ergo-trigger
The new Ergo-trigger is one trigger that can be easily operated from two positions (horizontally and vertically). It improves the flexibility to maneuver comfortably and stay in control. Water jetting (hard to reach spots) is much easier and less energy demanding.

+ Trigger Lock
The electronic Trigger Lock will prevent an operator from jetting by accident, and as such prevent the possibility of injuring himself or others. The trigger has to be consciously pushed in a certain Morse code in order to start the water jetting intentionally: the engine of the high pressure water jetting unit will not respond without having received this wireless Morse code signal.

+ Anti-Vibration design
The hand-arm vibration level of the innovative Wireless Wave gun is factor 4 less compared to the best available traditional gun in the market. It’s simply the safest gun around and your best option to prevent fatigue, injuries, including White Finger Syndrome.

+ Lance protector
The lance protector on the Wireless Wave Gun prevents contact with the hot lance (in case of hot water jetting). It also enhances the operators’ manual grip of the lance.

The Wireless Wave Gun will be equipped with a lance for a maximum working pressure of 1500 bar or a maximum working pressure of 3000 bar. The Wireless Wave Gun is delivered including connector for the high pressure water hose. The front of the lance has an external thread M14x1,5 (left) or 9/16 UNF (left). Nozzle holders are available in various options. The Wireless Wave Gun is delivered with 24 VDC charge cable and instruction manual.

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