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WWCS – Pump Control

Pump module

Wireless Wave Pump Control

The heart of the wireless wave control system is the Wireless Wave Pump Control. This system is installed on your high pressure water unit. In combination with the Wireless Wave Master Control and extra modules you will be able to start control your pump wireless.

The Wireless Wave Pump Control is connected to the existing control system of the high pressure water jetting unit. It steers and controls the unit.

Standard specification
The Wireless Wave Pump Control includes:
+ Switch board
+ Antenna
+ 7-ways switch
+ Power bar
+ battery cable
+ 7-pin signal cable
+ Sensor cable speed engine (option)
+ Sensor cable pressure (option)

The Wireless Wave Pump Control is delivered with 24 VDC charge power bar for 8 connections, an antenna with assembly clamp, antenna cable and an instruction manual.

Standard compatible with
+ Modern high pressure water jetting units that include:
+ 2 channel control systems
+ 7-pole connector
+ 24 VDC powerbase
+ Control systems with pressure valve (up/down)

The standard WWCS is compatible with all modern high pressure water jetting units with 2-channel control system, a 7-pin connector, a control system with a high pressure valve for pressure upwards and pressure downwards and a 24 VDC-base.

Please note: WWCS can be customised for all major brands of high pressure water jetting units.  

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