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WWCS - The basic set and modules

WWCS - The basic set and modules

The basic set and modules

The Wireless Wave Control System is a modular system. The basic set consists of the Wireless Wave Pump Control and the Wireless Wave Master Control. Depending on your cleaning challenge, you can add other Wireless Wave Control System modules, such as the gun, the hose control, the foot control and the repeater / safety control.

Choose your configuration
The heart of the wireless system is the central Wireless Wave Pump Control. This system is installed on your high pressure water unit. In combination with the Wireless Wave Master Control you will be able to start control your pump wireless. The Wireless Wave Pump Control and the Wireless Wave Master Control enables you to neutralize the working pressure immediately with the Remote Emergency Stop Button and connect extra modules.

Basic set
+ Wireless Wave Pump Control
+ Wireless Wave Master Control
+ Prepared for extra modules

Every basic set is totally prepared for expansion with extra Wireles Wave modules. These will connect wirelessly to the basic set, via the Wireless Wave Master Control.

+ Wireless Wave Gun
+ Wireless Wave Foot Control
+ Wireless Wave Hose Control
+ Wireless Wave Repeater

The Wireless Wave Gun is used for manual industrial water jetting projects (function includes pressure up, pressure down). The Wireless Wave Foot Control is connected for the wireless control of the working pressure (up / down) for cleaning tubes, heat exchangers and pipes with hoses. The Wireless Hose Control introduces a new safe way of cleaning / hosing down the working area with high flows; this wireless wave and open lance gun replaces the dangerous situation of using hoses. With the Wireless Wave Repeater you will be able to broaden your wireless control range. This module also includes a Remote Emergency Stop Button, and can be used as a spare Wireless Wave Master Control.

The Wireless Wave Gun offers a variety of technical options to meet your specific needs. The Wireless Wave Master Control offers the option of extra dashboard function.

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