Ergonomic designed gun improves productivity

A brand new high pressure water jetting gun will change the face of the industry, claims Dennis van der Wielen, Chief Engineer at DERC Waterjetting. ‘Our ergonomic design improves the productivity of operators, and their comfort. This gun makes it easier, lighter, more comfortable and safer to operate.’

The new product is the result of a four year Research and Development project. ‘The traditional water jetting guns are made of steel and everything but ergonomic. Our new gun is made of extremely robust, but light weight materials and are setting complete new standards in terms of weight, ergonomics, maneuverability, safety and comfort.’

Signifcant ergonomic improvement
The result is a light weight gun (3.5 kg) with a significant reduced hand-arm vibration level: factor 4 less compared to the best available traditional gun in the market. Furthermore the gun offers an adjustable shoulder stock, an innovative 360 degrees maneuverable handle and a spectacular Ergo-trigger. ‘This Ergo-trigger is one trigger that can be easily operated from two positions (horizontally and vertically). The gun is also equipped with a lance protection, that makes holding and steering the lance much easier. All these new features improve the operators’ flexibility to maneuver comfortably, whilst staying in control and balance when water jetting with pressures up to 3000 bar.‘

‘The difference between using a traditional jetting gun and the new Wireless Wave Gun is like comparison between driving a classic car from 1968 and a modern car with power steering.’

Less energy demanding 
‘It’s simply the safest gun around and your best option to prevent injuries, including white finger syndrome’, says Van der Wielen. ‘It’s much easier and less energy demanding. Operators will be able to get more work done within the same timeframe and with the same amount of energy.’ Another brand new feature is the Trigger lock: only a certain rhythm of pushing the trigger, will get the high pressure water jetting going.

Safest and easiest gun in the world
+ Light weight (3.5 kg)
+ Ergo-trigger
+ Trigger lock
+ Anti-Vibration design
+ Lance protection
+ 360 degree handle
+ Adjustable shoulder stock

The WWCS Gun is available for traditional and for wireless wave systems.

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