Operate 15% more cost-efficient with WWCS

The Wireless Wave Control System is out now and will save contractors money, time and energy. It improves the safety conditions radically. It enhances the productivity of operators. ‘Contractors will perform 15% more cost-efficient with the WWCS’, claims Paul Bekkers, C.E.O of DERC Waterjetting

The Wireless Wave Control System (WWCS) is a revolution for the high pressure water jetting industry. It combines the introduction of wireless technology for controlling high pressure water jetting units, with presenting brand new ergonomic designs and safety features of the operators’ equipment. WWCS offers innovations that benefit both contractor, operators and clients alike.

Save several man hours every day
‘This new method of working for industrial cleaning is not only easier and lighter for the operator, it also prevents costly ‘down time’ due to damaged signal cables or the necessity to install long lengths of extra signal cables. The new WWCS-equipment is easier to handle and improves the productivity. This all saves at least a several man hours every day, and the investments in expensive signal cables’, states Paul Bekkers, C.E.O of DERC Waterjetting. ‘A minimum of 15% cost-efficiency will be achieved by upgrading to the Wireless Wave Control System.’

Setting new safety standards
The essence of the Wireless Wave Control System (WWCS) is crystal clear: operators no longer need to drag a signal cable in order to control their high pressure water unit. Instead: a Wireless Wave Pump Control is installed on the unit and receives the operating signals wireless from the operators gun, foot control, hose control or master control. Up to a distance of 500 meters. ‘The Wireless Wave Control System and modules are compliant with all industry standards and offer brand new safety features, that will limit the chance of accidents and injuries. With the ergonomic design of the light weight gun we have reduced the vibration with factor 4 compared to the best traditional gun available’, according to Bekkers.

Innovation for good business
The advantages of the WWCS compared to using the traditional ‘wired’ high pressures units and control systems are significant. The innovation offers contractors four major benefits.

+ Contractors will work with the safest system and modules in the world
+ Contractors will operate more productive (15% better cost-effectiveness)
+ Contractors will make the work less demanding for your operators
+ Contractors no longer need to invest in signal cables

The Wireless Wave protocol is based upon the international IEEE standard 802.15.4. On top of this standard an extra specific WWCS-protocol has been developed in order to meet strict safety requirements of the industrial cleaning world.

Invention of DERC Waterjetting and Mourik
The Wireless Wave Control Systems is the result of a R & D alliance between the Dutch companies DERC Waterjetting and Mourik. They also own the patents, trademarks and all rights of the WWCS and its modules.

More information: www.wwcs.eu 

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