Innovation award for Wireless Wave


The Wireless Wave Control System has been awarded with the Innovation Award by the independent Dutch Safety and Industrial Cleaning foundation (SIR). “The Wireless Wave technology platform and it’s modules are setting new standards with regards to safety, ergonomics and maintenance”, according to the jury report.

The award was presented to Mr. Paul Bekkers, CEO of  DERC Waterjetting by Mr.  Armando Leetz, honorable member of the SIR. “The Wireless Wave Control System left other nominees miles behinds’, states Mr. Jan Braber, director of the Dutch Safety and Industrial Cleaning Foundation. “Ít’s a quantum leap. The system improves safety conditions for industrial cleaning with high pressure water jetting dramatically.”

Excellent improvement for safety
The safety-features and ergonomics of the Wireless Wave Control System gun surpasses the quality of all other existing guns in the market, according to the jury report. “The light weight gun is more comfortable for operators and prevents the outfall of operators; the twoway-trigger and adjustable handle make working in a natural position easier, the vibration level is limited to the best possible industry standard. Using the system and its gun is simply less demanding for the operators and prevents fatigue, accidents and white finger syndrome.’’

Recognized an acknowledged by Industry
“Being recognized and acknowledged by the experts of the regulating Dutch Safety and Industrial Cleaning foundation means a lot us”, states Mr. Paul Bekkers of DERC Waterjetting. “Their opinion counts. Our system is now officially approved and labeled as an outstanding innovation for safer working conditions. The user friendliness and new safety features are obviously welcome in the market.”

About the SIR
The aim of the SIR (Dutch safety and industrial cleaning foundation) is to promote and regulate safe working in the industrial cleaning industry. The SIR combines and protects that interest in the Netherlands and – since 2003 – in Belgium as well. The SIR has more than 200 company members and  serves as a prime example of how effective self-regulation boards can be regarding safety in a private sector. Annually three awards are presented for High Pressure water jetting, Pressure Vacuum cleaning and for Innovations in industrial cleaning.

About the wireless wave
The Wireless Wave Control System combines the introduction of wireless technology for controlling your high pressure water jetting unit, with presenting brand new ergonomic designs and safety features of the operators’ equipment. Revolutionary innovations that benefit both contractor, operators and clients alike. The Wireless Wave Control Systems is the result of a R & D alliance between the Dutch companies DERC Waterjetting and Mourik. They also own the patents, trademarks and all rights of the WWCS and its modules.

For more information please see  or contact:

Mr. Paul Bekkers
CEO DERC Waterjetting
+31 (0) 186 617336

Mr. Jan Braber
Safety and Industrial Cleaning Foundation (SIR)
+31 (0)10 591 40 01

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